“Jennifer helped me release a ton of stuck emotions and I emerged from our session feeling much more vibrant and full of joy. She was able to pinpoint a lot of what I was going through with her intuition and I felt so understood and cared for. She is a truly sensitive and talented healer.”
– Becca Shack

“In Jennifer you will find strong gifts of faith, love, joy, and divine enthusiasm blending beautifully with the simplicity and goodness of her humanity that inspire her healing love and intention and blesses all that surround her.”
– Ericka Vox Nuñez

“Energy, clarity, presence, and awareness. Increases in each of these things came into my life as a result of meeting Jennifer and studying Kundalini Yoga with her. One of the most important attributes a teacher can have is that of an honest listener.

Her calm, direct, and attentive approach to the healing and teaching process enables her to provide catalytic instruction…. on the path to wellness and balance. This is clearly a result, at least in part, because Jennifer is in balance herself and has a very radiant, powerful energy about her.

The wealth of knowledge and expertise she drew upon gave me assurance that each step I took was valuable and productive … her knowledge enabled her to give me descriptions of myself and the state I was in that made sense to me and helped me see myself from another perspective.

Through her instruction and guidance I gained greater awareness of myself and how to better balance and use my energy. She provided instruction on resources for my own personal study so I could go beyond what could be covered in my Kundalini Yoga classes. I recommend Jennifer as an instructor to any who brings a sufficient ability, desire, and willingness to grow.”
– Kent Johnson

“Jennifer is a glorious being doing the good work. Grateful to be around her. Activate your life, radiance and increase your joy!”
– Michelle Paloma Devi

“The two hour session with Jennifer was wonderfully nurturing. Her attention to detail was felt from the moment I entered the space until I left. She made me feel very comfortable to receive the technology and to express anything I needed to. She has a warm, loving way about her and the session put me into a soothing, relaxation mode. Was the perfect treat!”
– Nikki Noce, MD, Reality TV Celebrity

“Jennifer was such a pleasure to work with. She really helped me through different stages in my pregnancy. Of course, I was going to my regularly scheduled doctor appointments. At the time I had symptoms of extreme tiredness and low energy as I reached my 5th and 6th months, she intuitively suggested that I take a certain type of Iron pill that the doctor didn’t suggest. After I started taking the supplement, I felt like a new person. I had a lot more energy and my blood results were better. She continued to be a source of emotional support throughout the rest of my pregnancy.”
– Kandace Lindsey, Singer

“This was an amazing transcendental experience for me. I felt so much lighter afterwards and I was stronger JUST where I needed to be. My life since my experience is what I wished for. Thank you.”
– Ashley Erica, Artist