Introducing a new aerial art form, incorporating purposeful play with movement and meditation as your daily medication. JOIN US as we combine multi-dimensional postures with the traditional technology of Kundalini yoga.

A fusion of Kundalini Yoga and AIReal Yoga™

AIReal Yoga™ as taught by Carmen Curtis of “The AIReal Studio” based in Ventura, California.

These are “playshops” that help you get deeper in to your stretches while defying gravity surrendering and being held by the hammock. It’s a fun fusion of fitness and ancient yogic tools for transformation and spiritual awakening. The modern Yoga Alliance form of therapeutic AIReal Yoga™ and Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, usually includes a gong bath or kirtan sound bath in our Playshops.

This is a FUN way to increase strength, decompress the spine, improve flexibility, and calm the nervous system.

How does it feel to experience anti-gravity exercises?

Don’t you “work” enough? Who wants to “work” out after working all day! Come play!

“Airealini” does this by combining an ancient yogic technology (Kundalini yoga) designed to balance the hormonal system and increase flow of cerebrospinal fluid to the brain, adding the modern playful trend started by anti-gravity yoga and AIReal Yoga™.

Airealini is a fun, lighthearted, playful, yet challenging performance art form.
Let your inner child PLAY and FLY.

In this class you will learn how to communicate with your body in a new way.

You will have more vitality and clarity…physical and spiritual benefits included!

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