Jennifer offers multi-dimensional healing practices including breathwork, aerial yoga, mantra, and kundalini yoga. Meditations last an average of 7, 11, or 31 minutes, and they are practiced for 40 to 100 days. Stanford research suggests that 22 minutes of meditation per day helps the brain operate at an optimal level. Meditations are prescribed to each client based on their unique life challenges. The technology of kundalini yoga was brought to the Earth thousands of years ago in the Indus Valley of India, it is not associated with any one religion but used by many. TODAY it is more relevant and useful than ever. We are often dis-connected from our hearts and each other as we experience the rise of over-dependency on technology as our only form of communication and our main access to knowledge.

Yogi B once said, this era of the Aquarian age will be one where we shift from knowledge and the concept of “to be or not to be”, moving into “be to be”. We will rely on wisdom, which comes from experience, more than knowledge, which is masculine, logical, and involves reason and thought.

The good news is that practices like Kundalini yoga meditations may help you re-direct energy away from things that drain you and re-connect you to the Source of all that IS. A generating, organizing, and determining Force of the Universe. GOD.

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Photo Credit: Angelina Giles