Peru Rebirth Acti-Vacation

Peru Rebirth Acti-Vacation

Retreat is August 2019

Ecstatic dance * Kundalini Yoga * Sound Healing * Art Therapy * Earthing (grounding, gardening, service work with local Peruvians) * Meditative Silent Hikes * Mantra Meditations * Plant Medicine Education

Can you see yourself exploring the land of the INCAS in 2019?
Have you always wanted to do an intensive yoga practice on a SACRED site?

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JOURNEY with Ajeetdev Kaur (aka Jenny G) with TOP SECRET shaman family traveling to Cusco, Peru at a secret retreat site. The property is shaped like the CHAKRA systems, and we will participate in the following:

7 DAYS of kundalini yoga, 2-4 hours of practice per day (voluntary), shamanic healing with locals, housing – transport – food included plus additional activities for extra charge.

Day 1
Self-love practices – silent meditative day – ceremony

Day 2
Yoga – prepare and eat food – letting-go-of-all-that-no-longer-serves in meditation – nature meditation – ceremony

Day 3
Yoga – ecstatic dance (live DJ) – service activity with local Peruvians – plant medicine education with shaman family – earthing – Peruvian music and healing – evening yoga and nature walk

Day 4
Yoga – fire ceremony – drum meditation – dispatch bundle / release ceremony – free day exploring or group trip – tour Temple of the Moon and Wiraqocha in Roqchi

Day 5
Yoga – ecstatic dance (live DJ) – art day – play day – nature mandalas – inner child

Day 6
Yoga – ecstatic dance (live DJ) – prayer bundles – ritual intention setting

Day 7
Yoga – history of tantra – Kundalini lecture – sound / mantra workshop

… be guided ….. be mystified ….. be transformed by the Andes Mountains.


The plant medicine / hiking journey / Yoga classes are not mandatory. But we highly recommend attending all of it!

There are only 21 spaces available. AJEETDEV will be on holy FIRE with transmissions which YOU will receive as a participant.

Rebirth. Renew. Reinvigorate your SOUL.

$1,644 (excluding airfare average $900)


Jennifer Giordano

Jen Giordano
Jen Giordano has been a KRI kundalini yoga instructor since 2014, trained in Santa Monica under Oscar winning artist Harijiwan and Guru Jas, and Tej and Guru Jagat from RaMa TV. (same teachers as Demi Moore and Russell Brand!)
She is known for her catalyzing soul embodiment coaching sessions and just for fun she blends kriya yoga with aerial yoga in an eccentric awakening practice called AIRealini. Her deep study in the lineage of to Yogananda, Golden Buddha and the Guru’s of the Sikh faith, leads her to call herself a “spiritual warrior”. But she is not fighting a war in the physical sense, more of a war for the consciousness of humanity. Her method is to help awaken souls using ancient technologies and her innate spiritual healing tools. She is initiated in multiple mystery schools and refers to herself as a “Christian Modern Yogini” with an affinity to Essene culture and Christ-like attributes. She went through the savior complex co-dependency program and now feels compelled to help people break free from that addiction.

She is a bold and fearless guide and will help you to become faith-full and fear-free, by awakening the Guru in YOU!

After traveling to Punjab, Kashmir and Rishikesh, India for almost 5 months she built the 1st kundalini yoga studio in South SLC. Leaving in 2017 back to California, she anticipated traveling with Yogi Bhajan’s son, Sat Pal Kholi Singh, until he was diagnosed with cancer and her destiny took her a different direction. Upon returning to Utah in 2018 to heal herself, she is writing a book and teaching Yoga online while serving the wild Mormon locals in Utah.

She is a teachers’ teacher and healers’ healer.

Her classes include kundalini kriyas, songs, mantras, meditations and tantric energy healing techniques. She loves personalizing her prescriptive yoga recommendations, by designing each session to heal your unique chakra system imbalance.

Her work is relatable to real life and provides spiritual benefits with fitness benefits for endocrine balancing, with a focus on the Spine/CNS … people of any age or fitness level can practice with her! The best client is a client hungry for personal transformation.

Kundalini is called the yoga of awareness and is a “householders” yoga that helps guide you to your 2nd birth, re-birthing is the name of the game. Working with her you are guaranteed to activate the Peace Warrior within while adding a sprinkle of fun and playfulness to keep it light.

She attributes her resilience to her teachers: mom, dad, lovers, baby sister and everyone who ever triggered her! She is a soulful inspiring woman with a feisty, passionate side. Wanna play?
Sat namaste!

Retreats are booked through various organizations, like Sikh Dharma Universal, and TripTribe. Please contact Jennifer for negotiations and contract pricing, if you are hosting a retreat and wish to incorporate Airealini, or Kundalini Yoga Playshops.  Prices vary on demand, location, venue, and number of participants.

Playshops last three hours or longer, including sound healing with instruments like gongs and crystal bowls. We will practice Kundalini yoga for 45-60 minutes, transitioning into the hammocks for 45-60 minutes, and end with a sound healing. Sound healers will be included at an additional cost and selected based upon their experience and location of the home base.

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